Wounds [Series]Edit

Wounds is a Series inside Lost War, starting from Lost War 2: Wounds to Wounds 2: Mental Mind. The Series starts on the Lost War Islands called Xan Islands. The Main Characters are; Roland (1, 2, 3) Kate/Lunar Bawson (2, 3) Robert Herron (3) Davie ( and Supporting are; Flower (1, 2) Jayden (1, 2) Robert (1, 2) Kate (1) Davie (1, 2)


Wounds is what you could say the 'most normal' game of the Series. It is about when Roland and his friends and Younger Brother take a Vacation in America. They are told about a man at an Airport about the 'Islands of Paradise' (Xan Islands) Roland decides to go there instead of another State. But once they get onto the shore, Hell breaks loose. Roland escapes capture and must save his friends and family while figuring out the truth about the Supposed Kran Leader: Lunar

Good Ending:Edit

This takes place if decide to break free. Roland will free himself of the ropes and Jump onto Kate and rasing his Pocket Knife. Kate then will start crying and apoligizes for what she has done, Roland forgives her but asks for a favour; Kill all remaining Kranians

Bad Ending [This does not relate to the Actual Timeline]:Edit

Roland will give up and look down. Kate will move his head back up and slit his throat. As Roland gasps for breath, Kate says that he should of though twice before going to a Mental Place. Just before Roland dies, Swirl stabs Kate saying that a Native should not talk about their home that way.

Mental MindEdit

Mental Mind takes place directly after Wounds [Good Ending] where Roland and Kate must advance through the Xan Islands towards the Kran Island to kill the remaining Kranians... while finding a way home. There are 3 endings to this game:

Ending #1:Edit

When at the Docks, Roland will secretly plant an explosive on the boat saying that they can leave but they will have to leave without help. After the friends and Davie get on the boat and head off, Roland chuckles and triggers the C4.

Ending #2:Edit

This is suggestively the correct ending in the timeline. You will stab Swirl and get into the Boat with the others. Roland says "Well, at least the Mental Crap is over!"

Ending 3/Bad:Edit

Swirl will stab Roland saying that killing the Native was wrong and will say that you still won. (This is Bad as it involves the deaths of 2 Main Characters and is not on the actual Timeline)


Not much is known about Wounded apart from that it is the name for Wounds 3. Roland and Kate will return as Main Characters with Robert and Davie being New ones. This will allow for 4-Player Co-Op.

Timeline of WoundsEdit

April 2015 - Roland, friends and Davie start their Vacation

May 1st 2015 - Roland, friends and Davie are captured by Kranians

May 2nd 2015 - Roland escapes the Camp and passes out.

May 3rd 2015 #1 - Roland wakes up in Swirls Shack and Swirl gives him help

May 3rd 2015 #2 - Roland Infiltrates a Camp and rescuses one of his friends, Robert Herron

May 4th 2015 - Roland Saves Flower and Jayden from Lunar.

May 8th 2015 - Roland finds out false information on Kate's Location

May 11th 2015 - Roland finds and rescues Davie

May 14th 2015 - Roland finds out Lunar's Secret

May 15th 2015 - Roland stop Kate from killing him and his friends.

May 16th 2015 - Roland and Kate Inflitrate a Kran Fort

May 19th 2015 - Roland along with a Xan Ambush Party get ambushed themselves

May 22nd 2015 - Roland and Kate find out that their friends have been Captured

May 25th 2015 - Roland rescues Davie and Kate Rescues Robert

May 28th 2015 - Jayden has his throat slit

June 2nd 2015 - Flower is rescued

June 5th 2015 - Roland meets the real Kran Leader; Moonlight

June 8th 2015 - Roland kills Moonlight

June 10th 2015 - Swirl is killed and Roland leaves with the others

June 11th 2015 - The Group gets Grounded on the West Island of the Korin Islands


The rest of Wounded hasn't been planned yet.

Korin IslandsEdit

Korin Islands are first shown in Lost War 3: High Tail and return in Wounds 3. They are made up of West and East Islands. Lost War 3 takes place during Wounds missions: Faking Love and Lucky Choice.