Paradise Free is the First Mission of Lost War 2. It starts with Roland waking up to find that he has been tied up and a Kranian is in front of him. Just before he shoots Roland, the player must wrangle free of the ropes which cause Roland to run away. Halfway through escaping you will find a Desert Eagle. This is the only weapon you can use as Roland says that it will just slow him down. Just when Roland thinks the have lost him, he passes out.

Wounds ObjectivesEdit

  • Wrangle free of the ropes
  • Make a run for it
  • Use the ammunition to take out the Kranians in your way

Island MergeEdit

Paradise Free might be the last mission of LW4. It will be about how the Koran Claw (Player) must destroy the Airport including the Plane that is carrying all Lost Soldiers out to get more Reinforcements. The Korin Claw must take down all enemies in his/her way and Destroy the Plane before it leaves. Once destroying it, Rodrick will congratulate The Korin Claw on his/her help. The Credits will then play with the Korin Claw saying that now the Korxan Island will be Paradise as how everyone though it to be. This is the Last time you see of The Korin Claw and Korin and Xan Islands.

Island Merge ObjectivesEdit

  • Get the Airport... QUICKLY
  • Kill all Kranians and Lost Soldiers
  • Shoot the Plane down.