The Xan IslandsEdit

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Lost War



The Xan Island's Legend of Creation is that millions of years ago, A Man from an unknown country came to a Island with other people he was tricked by an evil spirit into thinking that the Island called Korinia was paradise. Then he starting seeing Weird types of Komodo Dragon come out from the Forest. They had two heads, they breathed fire and were Gigantic. The Man and his friends fought all of them but one of the friends heard a ear-piercing roar. A Massive Komodo, the size of an average Skyscraper came out of the Forest. The Komodo Dragon killed all the man's friends. But the Man threw his knife into the Mouth of the Komodo. The Giant collapsed and the other Komodos got smaller, yet they still had the same powers. Ever Since those Komodos were called Komodo Beasts and the Head of the Komodo Giant drifted off shore and split in two. The First half did not go any further, but the other half drifted a long way away and became the third Xan Island. Years later, half the Main Island drifted off to become the Korin Island. The Main Island was then named Nightmare Island for the Komodo Beasts. The others were named Hopper and Ring. Ring had it's name because the middle sunk and Hopper was named because it has earthquakes very often. (Suggesting it is on a fault line)

The Korin IslandsEdit

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Lost War: High Tail


Island of the Damned (North Only)

The Legend follows after the end of the Xan Creation. The Korin Island experienced a massive earthquake. The Island split into four pieces; West Island, North Island, South Island and East Island. The North Island was known as the Island of the Damned since anyone who went there never was seen again. No one knows why and no legend is believed about it. But in 2015, a group of Humans will soon find out about the Island, and make it out alive. The South Island was connected with Kran Island in 3567 and became Korxan Central Island. Korin Islands also connected with the Xan Islands in a merge in 2017 becoming Korxan Islands. The Island of the Damned never moved and is forbidden to go there.