Lost War: No LimitsEdit

This is the prequel to Lost War

It takes place when David Rogers (A.K.A Havoc) is sent on a mission to kill Sernald Draggezer (A.K.A The Draggen) since he terminated most of the SAS Assault Unit.

Halfway through No Limits, Havoc is inside Draggen's Facility and is suprised when, on a monitor, is told by Draggen that he has Havoc's younger sister, Alice. He then tells David that he has explosives. Sending Havoc into an escape scenario.

Later he tries to infiltrate Draggen's Mansion, but is caught. He is locked up with Alice.

What Havoc doesn't know before hand, is that the cell is part of a small rocket. Draggen takes them up in to the outer atmosphere.

A Guard drops some keys and Havoc grabs them. He unlocks the door and kills all the Guards. After a knife fight with Draggen, Emerging Victorious, he sends the mansion/rocket back down and grabs Alice and gets into an Escape pod.

After arriving back on land. He sees all Draggen's Army, but is suprised when the applaud him. They say that he freed them of Draggen's Torture.

After the soldiers leave, Alice runs up to Havoc and hugs him, crying. Havoc says the speech that Alice says in Lost War 1.


  • This is the first and only game to feature Alice
  • Draggen uses a German Accent, thus making him of German Origin
  • It was originally planned that Havoc would lose his thumb in the Knife fight, but it was scrapped as it would make no sense in Lost War 1
  • Draggen is played by Jamie Adaway, the same that Slice is moddeled off in Lost War.
  • Havoc is played by Jesse Simpson, Same as Roland and all main characters in the series