Lost WarEdit

LostWar is a planned action-adventure, open-world First-Person Shooter. The Creators of the Idea are Two Friends named Jesse Simpson and Jamie Adaway. It will possibly have a rating of R18 or R16, depending on violence and shocking/scary scenes. Not much of the planned story, has been leaked, but soon will it has more information.


Not Much Story has been leaked as mentioned but here is what has...

While fighting enemy air units above the atlantic ocean, Havoc, a Lieutenant in a SAS Assualt Unit, and other troops. Including his friend, Slice, are shot down and only Havoc and Slice manage to make it out only to be seperated by an Island. After battling a few striped Cats, Havoc finds a village. Does he darest go in it? He may be Entering something different from the real world...

Special Features for PlatformsEdit


  • Special Avatar Items with certain Achievements!
  • Map Editor: Unique Unit and Animal; Helicopter and Mountain Lion


  • Online: Greater Starter Kit
  • Map Editor: Few Templates and a Boat Unit


  • Online: [Obvious] Free Multiplayer
  • Map Editor: Amount of Objects/Units etc. Depends on hardrive space. Share online and Mods useable with it.


  • A Racing game called SkidMark, will also be made. It will feature most (or all) Types of racing. It may only be on Retail for Playstation, but a limited Edition of it for Xbox will be available which will feature a free Xbox Live Gold Trail and possibly a Special Controller!
  • LostWar had a halt between 2013-2014 but now the idea has been put back into action! Of Course with a Different Story but same characters!